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Consistent & Continuous Financial Planning

Our Four Step Process

Over time, I’ve developed a process for working with my clients that puts them in the best position to succeed. Having a tried and true formula gives a firm foundation so clients know what to expect and can be confident that we are being thorough. The arrow on the end of our process indicates that monitoring is on-going with regular check-ins and reviews.

Kevin Horner

Step 1 Discover

The first step of that process is asking the right questions to get the right picture of your overall situation.

“Where are you today?”
“What’s most important?”
“What are your possibilities for the future?”

Step 2Propose

Our team will put together a written plan in an organized binder that is yours to keep. We give it to you in a binder so we can revisit it often, and you can use this binder to organize other financial documents as you receive them - such as statements, insurance papers, etc.

Step 3Implement

When you feel confident with the proposal, we will help put these plans into action.  We will phase in the investment recommendations, send transfer forms, consolidate assets -- whatever makes the most sense.  We may also help apply for appropriate insurance as needed.

Step 4Monitor

The last step is to monitor your progress according to your plan, making adjustments and navigating changes as they occur. Regular check-ins and review meetings ensure you’re staying on track and that I’m up to date on your current situation. Some of the suggestions we propose will be put in place in the future, so we will continue to monitor your financial timeline.

My Role as a Guide...

When changes arise, or life takes an unexpected twist, we expect our clients to give us a call or send us an email.   We can help you make the appropriate adjustments to stay on track and we are always available to have a conversation or answer any questions.  As a guide, my goal is for you to relax and sleep well at night, knowing you are as financially prepared as you can be.

Guided Advice:


As your guide, we will help you stay on track by reminding you of your stated intentions.

Objective Advice

We will help you avoid emotionally driven financial decisions.

Knowing Your Whole Story

Complete, Personalized Planning

If you’re doing a jigsaw puzzle, the most important tool in putting it together correctly is the picture on the front of the box.

Once we know your whole story -- the picture on the front of your box -- then we can help you put all the pieces of your finances together in a way that brings purpose. Once we have your picture, you can be confident that the financial decisions we help you make are guided by your exact goals.

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