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Planning with Purpose

For over 20 years, Horner Financial has been developing expertise as a planning firm.  We help you recognize what goals are most important - then we help devise a plan to achieve them.  As an independent advisor we don’t represent one company and that company’s products.  Instead we have access to a large number of companies, and we’re able to shop the very best solutions to fit your unique situation.

We help create complete, written plans — dealing with all aspects of your personal financial needs.  We present this plan in a binder that is yours to keep, and we revisit it regularly to ensure you’re staying on track.  As transitions occur — and they will — we gladly meet with you to provide objective advice to help you avoid emotional reactions, and allow you to make the best financial decisions you can.

We help bring purpose and guidance to your financial story.  


Meet Our Team


Kevin Horner Financial Planner / Owner

Certified Financial Planner • Elder Planning Counsellor • Certified Kingdom Advisor

My job is to understand the purpose for my clients’ money, propose long term personalized financial plans, and help people follow them through.

I started in the wealth management business in 1998 working with Trimark in Toronto. We founded Horner Financial in Barrie in 2001 to be closer to home and work more closely with people in our community.

Outside of the business my wife Lori and I spend a good deal of time investing in our 4 girls and supporting our local church.  When not working or with the family, I like to golf, fish and play hockey and baseball.

"I love working with people and helping them succeed.  As an advisor, it is rewarding to see people achieving goals, making wise financial decisions, and living life well."


Lori Horner Office Manager / Owner


Working hard behind the scenes, I oversee the team's practices and processes to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. I focus on services beyond investments, knowing when people need to be seen, what birthday needs need to be celebrated, and what gifts need to be delivered. I am also active in developing marketing and charity initiatives. 

When I'm not working, I am the ‘family quarterback’ and am passionately devoted to the growth and welfare of our 4 girls. I love to host people at our home and volunteer in the community.

“I love people first.   A close second is organizing just about anything and ensuring our business is running effectively.”


Laurie Worsdall Executive Assistant


When you call our office, I'll be here to greet you warmly on the phone.

I am qualified and knowledgable to answer many of your questions, but I will also direct you to the right person you need. I'm our team's 'go-to person' and 'follow-through' expert, ensuring your needs are met and financial strategies are set up properly. I oversee all the next steps with client documentation, firm compliance, and investor communication.   

Before joining Horner Financial, I ran the MD Financial Planning office in Barrie and have been serving clients for over 20 years. I love to garden and enjoy spending time with my 2 children and 3 grandchildren.  

“I love to serve the needs of our clients in a timely and professional manner."

Focus on what really matters

Return on Life

“You are familiar with the term “ROI", or "Return on Investment.” At Horner Finanical we also like to discuss your “Return on Life.”   

What do you want your money to do for you?

In our experience, we have found that people who figure out the purpose of their money, and how they want it to work for them, get more out of life and have greater peace of mind. 

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